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Who We Are

EFynch.com is a Home Improvement Platform which helps to connect homeowners and contractors when projects and work is needed. By providing an efficient and friendly community, we want to empower both sides to help with:

  • Collection of bids
  • Reading Reviews
  • Facilitating schedules
  • Performing work
  • Handling payments

We strive to do this efficiently as possible, making most services automated while protecting your privacy.

There are no sales calls or high pressure tactics. Contractors can forego the strenuous and often expensive sales process, sharing the savings with homeowners.

How We Help:

Homeowner Contractor


Efynch.com is here to help Maryland Homeowners. As lifelong property managers and homeowners ourselves, we know the struggle of trying to find the right contractor and collecting bids. We also recognize the comfort that can come when you know “that guy” who is able to help with all the odd jobs and make our homes better. So whether electrical, plumbing, handyman, or even help lifting, assembly, mowing, or digging- EFynch can help you repair and organize your home. We do this all within your custom “Toolbox”, most of the heavy lifting (pun intended) is virtually automated!. . . And it FREE!

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As a career long property professionals and the former owner of a construction company, we know how expensive and painstaking the sales process can be. Most sites are only interested in collecting a fee for clicks or leads without any care for your pocketbook- They are nothing more than an overrated and outdated phonebook.

We also know the more you have to pay, the higher you need to charge homeowner and neither of us like that!

EFynch wants to fix this problem by opening our platform 100% free to you. You can browse and bid on real, live projects around your neighborhood. The only time we collect any money is when you do, and only IF you do.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME, ALL SUCCESS FEES ARE FREE, EFYNCH BIDDING IS 100% FREE THROUGH THE FALL OF 2016. (* we will email you of any changes well before they happen).

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Trending Projects

Currently EFynch is open in Maryland for all Home Improvement and repair projects. By registering an account you can post bids, read reviews, schedule and pay for work. We want to be a non-biased resource that helps you gain the understanding and confidence for work being done to your home. All of our information is user generated and verified by various professionals for accuracy and completeness. But it is more than just being about confidence- your home is your castle and we want to help you protect and maintain it.

Below are trending projects in Washington, Baltimore and throughout Maryland

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EFynch is now available in the App store. Simply take pictures and write a small description of the work to be performed and get back onto your day! Efficiency is key and this is just another way to deliver our awesome Platform!

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