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Whether a new home buyer or seasoned home owner, finding the right handyman and managing any home improvement project can be a challenge. With so much conflicting information online and mis-referrals, EFynch gives you the power to search, verify, and hire with confidence. All while saving up to 40% due to efficiencies we help you capture

Community Deals

EFynch uses the power of community and hunts for the best deals to share.

EFynch Escrow

Pay Contractors with a variety of payments. 100% refundable until you are 100% satisfied.

License Verification

When a Pro says something, we ask for proof. Don’t take our word, we’ll post a picture with verification.

You deserve Options

By using EFynch’s Competitive Bidding system, you are not asking for a particular trade, you are asking for a solution to the home improvement project.

Industry Leading Features: Competitive Bidding

Do you like sales calls? We don’t either. Skip the pitch, hour long meetings, and coordinating schedules. Our Competitive Bidding features is the only thing of it’s kind in Home Improvement. Privacy is maintained however, you see all available options, making the choice that is best for you.

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Together, we get it done right.

We are not going to match you with the Handyman that pays the most in advertising (because we don’t accept advertisements). Instead, we give you leading features built from the guidance of professional property managers. Choosing who you want is your choice, seeing the right options if what we help you determine.**

Find Pros

Using our Job Board; You privately post bid requests and see who is available. No more calling around just to hear “sorry”

True Reviews

Every review on our site is verified to be made by actual purchasers. Believe it or not, this is an industry first!

Competitive Bids

When posting a project, respondents give you their best estimate. You choose who you like based on price, profile, and details.

Privacy Protected

Did you know many sites “sell” your information as leads to local contractors- not us, your info is hidden until you hire someone.

EFynch Escrow

Leading the way for security. All funds are 100% refundable unless you are satisfied.

Coming Soon: Scheduling, Social Media Integration, Maintenance Plans.

Industry Leading Features: Financing

Beyond the protection of EFynch Escrow, if you are a home seller or buyer, EFynch offers several options which allow you to delay or postpone payments until settlement.

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Working with Industry Leaders:

Long & Foster Home Services Connections

If you are a Client of Long & Foster, we hope you find value in knowing EFynch is an approved vendor for Long & Foster Home Service Connections. Finding the right handyman to help get your home “market ready” or prepping for a purchase is easy with EFynch- the first and only online system approved by a major Real Estate Network.

What is

Exclusive to EFynch and designed with direct input from real estate professionals, when you see this logo you can rest assured that each contractor has undergone a triple verification process by EFynch, our Security Partner, and other members. Plus, we provide links so you can even double check for yourself!

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EFynch’s Buy Local Philosophy: Our Community

We strive to support Buy Local Programs and are a leader in keeping your money in your community. In fact, we work harder than most to insure that you can find the local “guy and a truck” who is skilled at his trade. EFynch has the least amount of associated fees and when compared to other major online systems, we are the best. †

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