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Settle Rite Home Improvement Pre-Sale/ Payment deferred contractor
Creating value for homesellers

The tasks before the sale

As you prepare to sell your home, there are several home improvement tasks that a homeowner can perform and add value and help you get the most from your home, while reducing Time on market. 

While we revamp EFynch, many of our team members and contractors are working on pre-sale home improvement & started Settle Rite.

Homeseller goals

How Pre-Sale can be created.

 We’ve spent countless hours since 2015 working with Realtors and helping homesellers get the most out of their home. Along the way, we’ve learned how to make renovations and rehabs that appeal to the homebuyer market at large. Sometimes this can be extensive, but often, it takes a good eye for detail to determine which projects would suite a homeseller the best. 

Through Settle Rite, we work with:

- Realtors

- HomeBuyers

- HomeSellers

- Estate Properties

- Foreclosures


We give a customized plan while understanding your budget and walking through the home. Then, based on our finding and your objectives, we work to perform all of the pre-sale work that is requires. Renovations, updates, even home inspection repairs. 

Currently open in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia with 2 offices just outside Baltimore and Rockville.

Don’t forget, Settle Rite also performs all pre-sale home improvement work and defers all payments until closing. That is nothing is due until you sell.

Pre-Sale Updates that create value in Maryland

Pre-Sale Home Improvement Experts.