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EFynch is your Home Improvement Assistant

Designed by contractors tired of the “Pay Per Lead” and other expensive online referral system. Efynch is a community where homeowners post requests and contractors can respond directly with estimates, NO UP FRONT FEES, NO CREDIT CARD REQUESTS, NO MIDDLE-MAN. And this is just the beginning...

Deal Promotions

Have a deal or service to offer? EFynch will send it to our 3,000 members.

EFynch Escrow

No more collections or past-due invoices. Funds posted in Escrow prior to work.

Browse Jobs

No cost to look at projects or respond. Choose jobs you like and name your price, ignore the ones you don’t.

Realtor Connection

EFynch is the first and only online system approved by a major real estate firm (see below)

Industry Leading Features: Competitive Bidding

The EFynch Competitive Bidding process is not about having the lowest price. We work hard to provide the homeowners with your information and experience so they can compare apples and make an educated decision. Are you a Bob Villa, or Tim Allen? We help support your pricing structure whether you are the highest, lowest, or just looking to fill downtime.

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Built smarter, saving you time.

Our designers are from the contracting and real estate industry. We’ve worked as handyman and as we develop, we constantly welcome your input. You will NEVER get a sales call from EFynch to “sell a lead”, or request money up front. We get paid when you get paid, and we work to help insure you do get what you are owed. Our fees are only for additional features you can choose to, or not use. Rates listed below.

EFynch Escrow

More info below


EFynch show all fees up front so you can adjust your bids.


To us, it is about respect.

Geographic Searches

Search for jobs close by, bid on jobs further out - your choice.

“Off Button”

No obligations- when you are busy elsewhere we’ll standby.

Industry Leading Features: EFynch Escrow

Let EFynch handle your invoicing and billing, we will remove the risk of Past Due Invoices or being short changed. Simply request your customer uses EFynch Escrow and they can use a variety of payments to fund an account that becomes accessible to you the moment you “complete the job”. Credit card and processing fees do apply but, we show you if they are applicable at the time of placing a bid.

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EFynch is a Baltimore Based service. In mid 2017 we met with Officials at Long & Foster and because of strict guidelines for Realtors to refer contractors in Maryland, we developed a system to help them get work done. When you use EFynch, you gain access to work that can come form L&F’s 12,000 Agent network. We are the first, and only online system approved in any major real estate firm’s system.

What is

Exclusive to EFynch and designed with direct input from real estate professionals, when you see this logo you can rest assured that each contractor has undergone a triple verification process by EFynch, our Security Partner, and other members. Plus, we provide links so you can even double check for yourself!

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EFynch’s Buy Local Philosophy: Our Community

We strive to support Buy Local Programs and are a leader in keeping your money in your community. In fact, we work harder than most to insure that you can find the local “guy and a truck” who is skilled at his trade. EFynch has the least amount of associated fees and when compared to other major online systems, we are the best.

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EFynch is grabbing attention

Industry Leading Features: Low Processing Rates

Online system can demand high rates approaching 40% of every dollar collected. We are calling B.S. on this and EFynch’s processing rate is always a low 2% or 5% depending on the job with a $10 min. We want to create value to earn your trust, not “introduce and profit”.

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Access EFynch wherever you are

Efficiency is key and EFynch is on the go. Download today on the App Store or Google Play.

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