How can EFynch help you today?

EFynch and is here to help you with all you home improvement needs. We assist you in the location of pros and other help around the home including the following services:




Handy Man


Lawn and Garden



Roofing / Gutters

Windows and Siding


Currently, the EFynch software and platform only service guests within the State of Maryland.

What is EFynch?

EFynch is a platform which connects people to contractors. We assist in the sharing of information between everyone including the collection of bids, communications, and even provide a secure platform for payments. Our goal is to focus on making this transaction easy and reducing the stress of sales.

Where is EFynch located?

We are located in Baltimore (City), Maryland!

Who can join EFynch?

Homeowners, contractors, service providers, laborers, and hungry college kids looking for extra money and willing to get their hands dirty.

What jobs can be completed using EFynch?

Any job related to the home: Lifting, carrying, plumbing, electrical, handyman, painting, designing, mowing, planting, watering, hammering, drilling, holding, or anything else you can think of. As long as the job is on your home, legal, and in the State of Maryland we are here.

What won’t we do?

  • Sell your personal information
  • Show you “reviews” which are paid for
  • Charge you to see information and ratings
  • Charge you to post a bid
  • Charge you to bid on a bid
  • Charge a contractor to make a sales call to a homeowner
  • Charge a homeowner to join and provide information which we will then (in turn) sell to a 3rd party contractor who will put you on their sales call list.

Finally, we will never never never try to sell you services. This includes (but not limited to) piano tuning, dental cleaning, pet sitting, Obstetrics and Gynecology- We have some great members that are service providers- but in our experience, a service helping you find a toilet installer should probably be separate from the group helping you with a cavity :)

Speaking of charges- how much does it cost?

EFynch is completely free for homeowners and service pros to join. “It costs nothing to look” as one of our fellow e-commerce companies likes to say (credit to

It also costs you nothing to post a project, view our tips and tricks, or follow us on Instagram and receive daily inspirations on why our homes are so awesome.

So how does EFynch make money?

We want to be 100% perfectly clear on this. WE DO NOT CHARGE HOMEOWNERS- we are here to help.

EFynch’s business model is a platform, the same used by many software companies you already use like eBay and Uber. When you post an add, contractors can bid on these. Right now it is free for them to bid. The only time we collect money is when a project is signed, we charge the contractor a small fee (sometimes as low as 3%) for using our software. Other companies may charge as much as 20%- so we feel our fee is extremely modest especially considering how much we want to help you. The truth is we’re having fun doing this!

How is the EFynch payment portal secured?

We use Braintree, by Paypal. EFynch does not store any of your bank account information on our servers.

Why is EFynch so awesome?

Because like you, we are homeowners as well. It is tough sometimes and there are a lot of mixed messages being spread. Misinformation and high pressure sales are something we’ve all experienced and we think this model for business is obsolete! Competition and accurate information is our goal- efficiency is an added benefit. We hope you agree and welcome your feedback.

How did the EFynch bird get so darn cute?

Great genetics, proper grooming and an organic diet.

It is rumored your founder, Teris Pantazes, is the strongest man on earth, is this true?

We could only verify this with his 2 daughters, they said it is true!