How can EFynch help you today?

EFynch is here to help you with manage your home improvement tasks. Like an Assistance, we not only help you locate pros, options (e.g. trade vs handyman vs. side-worker), collect bids, and organize projects.




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General Information

What is EFynch?

Think AirBnB meets Ebay for home improvement.

Because home improvement is not a “one size fits all” type of industry, you can’t simply push a button and expect the perfect handyman to show up. Some sites claim to do this, but it’s a marketing gimmick because your home is unique and your preferences are individual.

Therefore, like picking a hotel room, EFynch starts by using our one-of-a-kind competitive bidding system designed modeled exactly how professional property managers collect bids. Our goal is to efficiently provide you with as much relevant information as possible, so you can make the decision that best suits your needs.

Where is EFynch Located and where do we serve?

EFynch is based in Baltimore, Maryland. We currently serve Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Who can join?

Homeowners, Realtors, Contractors, Property Managers, Tenants, Landlords, Handymen, Side-Workers, etc.

What jobs can be posted?

If is relates to home improvement, we want to help. During peak seasons, competitive bidding

What we won’t do?

Sell you information! EFynch does not participate in “Pay Per Lead” like other national websites (ahem!). For more about Pay per lead- visit our blog.

Is it really Free?

EFynch does not charge contractors or homeowner for using our competitive bidding system. We feel this is a “toll” that many other sites use- but it is not our way of doing business.

Instead, we help with introduction and once you find the pro you like, we offer some features that help keep everyone on task and protected.

How does EFynch protect everyone?

It is simply about keeping everything “above board”. EFynch Escrow is our first line of defense. Within that system we can verify identity and protect all funds, helping to make sure that work is done properly, and the Pro is paid.

Questions on using system

Who is verified?

When you see the Fynchnest Logo, that means the information on the profile has been verified. Information without the Fynchnest Logo is 100% supplied by the Pro and has not been verified. This does not mean the Pro is more/ less capable- but we are working to expand the Fynchnest Program and when you see missing information, we recommend you tell that Pro more information would be useful.

What happens if there are no Ratings for someone I like?

This is not a reason to worry. Our Ratings are ONLY posted once a job has been completed and can be verified. This is how we keep our system accurate and prevent biased ratings. Typically, if not rating is provided on a pro this is because they might be new to our system and work completed has yet to have been verified. Be sure to ask more questions of these pros and request references.

Someone asked for a site visit however no price was provided. What should I do?

Ask for a price. If you give a good enough description, any pro worth their weight in salt should be able to give a general estimate. Even if they give their hourly rate and estimated time- it can be worked out.

Don’t give in to someone who refuses to do this much. If they can’t submit a bid (or if they refuse to participate in Escrow), let us know immediately.

What happens if something goes wrong on a project?

If you’ve used EFynch Escrow, you are protected (notice how we highlight the importance of this?). It is important to bring us up to speed on impeding problems as early as possible. When something goes wrong, we can help make it right. This may include working with the pro to facilitate communications, possibly offer solutions, divert money to a different pro to complete a job, or simply refund the money.

Does each Pro Work for EFynch?

No- They are not “uber drivers”. Pros on EFynch do not work for us and they are independent contractors. If someone messes up, we have flexibility but we do not control them. When a mistake is made, we want to help. When someone misses an appointment, we want to know and will take action. We are not on “their side”- EFynch is on the side of making the deal work, and that is what we want to make sure everyone is held to.

For Fun

Why is EFynch Awesome

Because we are not going to sell your information to 3rd parties. We don’t charge contractors to join. We don’t have up front fees. We’re better than Craigslist because we perform verification when you use Escrow and ultimately, we want to help work get done.

We are homeowners as well and sometimes there are a lot of mixed messages out there. We help filter and decipher all the floating “space debris”.

Why is the Bird so darn cute?

Genetics, proper grooming, and an organic diet!

It is rumored that EFynch Co-Founder Teris Pantazes, is the strongest man on earth, is this true?

Verdict is still out but his 3 daughters have made this claim and still back it up. We tried to reach them for comment but 2 were still in nap-time and the oldest was on the school playground and unavailable for comment.