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EFynch is a free homeowner community that is going to change the way you look at home improvement. Developed by industry experts and homeowners working together, we created system that simply works better than any other option available.

  • Verified and Detailed Reviews
  • No Sales Environment- you control communication
  • Pro Comparison Tools
  • Secure Escrow Services
  • One of a kind Competitive Bidding System providing the best prices.

Instead of having to call a specific Pro or Handyman, you essentially advertise your project on EFynch (your privacy hidden) and receive competitive bids from our network that includes local professionals and independent handymen. You review the information and control all communications until you hire EFynch empowers you with the same process and tools professionals use, and the other sites simply lack.

How We Help:

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Finding the right handyman can be challenging because there is so much conflicting information online. "Neighbor" reviews have proven to not always be the accurate while other sites focus on the sale of either their ad space or your contact information. The EFynch system is better and our members have saved up to 40% on their home improvement expenses! Join for free today, your privacy is protected and never sold to 3rd parties. Our system is the tool which will make your Home Improvement wishes “take off”!

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We get it! As career-long professionals ourselves, we have been in your shoes. High Advertising costs or "pay per lead" is risky and it violates the trust you want to build with customers.

You may also have some down time and need filler work- but other sites charge high monthly fees or commissions that can exceed 45%. It is too expensive and never helps.

With EFynch, you can join then bid with NO UP FRONT or MONTHLY

Fees. For 2017, we are on track to have facilitated over 1,000 jobs in the Baltimore and Washington area and we pride ourselves on "not being the middleman”. When you utilize EFynch only pay a rate as low as 2% when (and only when) you get the job. Connecting you with a customer is just a prerequisite; our value increases as the job unfolds. EFynch wants to be another tool to help keep you busy.

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“Essentially, without having to pay for advertising or other middle-man services for finding jobs, contractors can afford to lower their prices.”- 10/12/16

“So glad to find your services. Fantastic! Million Thanks” 3/8/17

Resident, Roger’s Forge

“It’s designed to contain everything needed for a competitive bidding process for homeowners’ jobs.” -1/12/17

“On my last Project- EFynch helped me find the right guy who was already working close by. We both thought it was a great deal.” 3/8/17

Resident, Columbia

“I will definitely recommend EFynch. So easy, thanks!”


“There is no greater service, I can’t say anything better!” 3/8/17


Trending Projects: August/ September 2017

Currently EFynch is open for Homeowners and Handymen throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. By registering an account you can post your project for free then read reviews, schedule and pay for work. We want to be a non-biased resource that helps you gain the understanding and gain confidence for all work around your home. All of our information is user generated and peer reviewed for accuracy and completeness. With your help, we are taking Home Improvement to new heights. For both the experienced homeowners to the "nesters", once registered, we want to help elevate your satisfaction of Home Improvement.

Below are trending projects in Washington, Baltimore and throughout Maryland. We update these monthly and provide more details inside our membership area.

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EFynch is now available in the App store. Simply take pictures and write a small description of the work to be performed and get back onto your day! Efficiency is key and this is just another way to deliver our awesome Platform!

Servicing Homeowners with Maryland’s Largest Community of Handyman, Plumbers, Electrician, Roofers, Carpenters, Painters, Landscapers, etc. If it relates to Home Improvement, EFynch Works!

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